Unknown type of wild berry

willy-northJuly 17, 2007

I have recently acquired a large river front property in Northern Ontario. The plant life and wild life is unbelievable. There are wild raspberries, wild strawberries,high bush cranberries etc. I have recently discovered a low bush plant that has a large clump of berries growing. It stands about a foot to two feet from the ground. There are anywhere from 20 plus berries on the bush. The berries are a shiny bright candy apple red. I am wondering if they might be a form a red gooseberry. I've grown up in the north and have lived here all my life. I've never seen this type of berry. If need be I can obtain photos and forward them. They seem to grow along or near the river bank.

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It would help to describe the foliage - the shape and size of the leaves, how the leaves are arranged on the stem (alternate or opposite), etc. If you have a picture, you can post it on the Name that Plant forum.

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