Horrible flower beds

cheesecake104September 11, 2008

When I moved into this house, the flower beds were terribly overgrown with grass and weeds. After weedeating and upon closer inspection I noticed that there was about 8-10 inches of rocks underneath that! I tried to shovel and haul off the rocks, but there are just too many! Is there anyway I can just cover this up with something so nothing ever grows here again, or maybe something I can spray that will kill anything and everything, so I can put some woodchips down and have a nice looking area?

Any and all suggestions welcome!

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

I don't believe that I would use anything permanent to cover the rocks up. You may decide to (eventually) hire someone to get rid of them once and for all, and that would simply make it more difficult. But you could certainly spray with RoundUp (active ingredient glyphosate) to kill everything.

Should things continue to emerge after you've applied a healthy layer of chips, it would be easy to do spot spraying.

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You can lay down overlapping layers of cardboard to smother weeds & grass (zero dollars expense!).

As rhizo says, don't do anything that would prevent removing the rocks or make it more difficult.

If you can put down some decent garden soil & compost on top of the rocks, you can plant some shallow-rooted things that like dry conditions, since the rocks form a porous "sieve" that will make water drain off very rapidly.

don't know what plants to suggest in your area;
here, I'd go with portulaca, sedum, & smallish yuccas.

Best luck!

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You could try offering the rocks on your local CraigsList or Freecycle group. You may just find someone who wants them, and will come and take at least some of them away.

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