Star Magnolia - M. stellata

pixie_louMarch 24, 2012

Anyone growing one? I'm thinking of getting one.

I'm told they are slow growers. How slow? I'm thinking of getting one that is only about 2 feet tall - wondering how long it will be puny in the garden.

And I'm told they will reach a height of 15-20 feet. But to be honest, as I drive around town, I don't think I've seen one much taller than 8-10 feet, and most quite a bit smaller. I've seen the magnolia with the pink blossoms much bigger, but not the star magnolia.

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ejr2005(Eastern MA)

We had a large M. stellata when we moved in. Have no idea when it was planted (house was built in1950) but it was probably 15-20 feet tall. For a variety of reasons (roots obstructing sewer line, had to relocate front steps around it, new gas line took out some of large roots) we had to remove it. It was a wonderful early spring bloomer, though the blooms were often pretty short-lived.

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Steve Massachusetts Zone 5b

There's a M. stellata down the street from me that is at least 20 feet tall. It's blossoms are so fragrant that it perfumes the entire yard and street around it. Gorgeous tree. I'm sure it takes a long time to get that size, but it does.


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girlcat36(6 ish)

I've had one for about 8 years, and it is only about 3.5 feet tall. It is extremely slow growing. This may be because I have had it in a spot in my backyard where it probably didn't get enough sun. So I moved it last fall to a sunnier spot in my front yard. Now that it is in a different spot, I am surprised to find that it is blooming pink now instead of pure white like it did in the backyard. The problem with that is that I didn't want a pink flowering tree in my front yard! I don't dare move her again, though.


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Thyme2dig NH Zone 5

Are you definitely looking for a white magnolia? My neighbor down the road has had one in for at least the 12 years since I've been on the block, and it's not more than 5' or so. It is very slow growing.

I planted a line of 'Leonard Messel' which is more pink. I would say they are growing close to 1' per year. But if you're looking for that beautiful, bright white, this while pretty, would not be a substitute.

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I bought one that looked like a stick about 7 years ago and it's probably 5' tall now. I prune it heavily every year because I want it to be more like a small tree form than a bush because of its location. Other than that I do not baby it at all and it is thriving. I even happen to have a pic from last year uploaded-

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Thanks for all the input. I'm sold on the star magnolia. I'll read up a bit of proper fertilization to see if I can boost it's growth a bit. But for the location I am thinking of, slow growing is fine. It is kinda near some overhead telephone/electric wires - so it sounds like I won't have to worry about the tree interfering with the lines for about 20 years. And at that point I most likely will not be living here any more.

I definitely want white. It's going in the front of my house, and I prefer white flowers in the front of my house. I have a forsythia (came with the house) in that general location now, and I just don't like the yellow.

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