What is this plant

Cedarhill(8b)July 26, 2013

This plant likes to grow in pastures, disturbed ground and damp areas. Horses won't eat it. Grows about 2' tall.

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Definitely a rush, perhaps Juncus tenuis.

Here is a link that might be useful: Info here

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It isn't a rush, someone else said sedge... and I'm thinking that is correct. My description was too vague before, sorry. The stems/leaves are cylindrical and come to sharp points. The interior is a type of pith material. I've attached a clearer photo which includes a photo of the cross sections: 1 is the rounded halved piece, 1A is the interior, 2 is a close up of the uncut piece. Hope this helps someone to identify it. In reading about sedges I discovered they aren't studied by many botanists. Eleocharis?

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Sedges have edges and rushes are round all around.

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lycopus(z5 NY)

I identified it as Juncus effusus in a previous post. In sedges the ovary develops into an achene subtended by a scale and sometimes enclosed in a perigynium. In rushes the ovary forms a capsule. Rushes have a perianth and sedges don't. Look at the individual flowers with a hand lens and you should see a small capsule surrounded by 6 tepals.

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Spot on! I finally found a photo to compare it to and you are correct (sorry I doubted you). I'm glad to find a common name rather than the name to old time loggers use.

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