good place to buy shrubs cheap

cat4554(Z6NJ)May 14, 2006

I need a lot of work done on my front lawn and I have do it by myself, well, husband included. We needed a new sewer and the whole front was torn apart. God, I wanted to cry. 15 years of gardening down the drain.

Anyway - I am interested in a ground cover that spreads, I have a new retaining wall and was thinking of some type of juniper. Any ideas / suggestions? I am going to need at least 10 so I need a place where the more I buy the cheaper the price.

I want to purchase a butterfly bush, dwarf wheeping cherry, dwarf Japanese maple, skip laurel, andromeda, black eyed susans, purple cone flower, and a variety of hostas.

Where can I get these? I live in Edison, NJ - central Jersey.

I want some evergreens too - any suggestions?

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Years ago, when this was a new development and pretty empty as far as tree's, a few of my neighbors got together and ordered tree's together to save cost. I've also heard they found an ad in the paper in classified section from a grower and he delivered. Isn't Barton's in Edison? karen

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That's a shame, sorry to hear about it. I'm a plumber and when I used to work for a guy who did sewer replacements I would dig up the plants and bushes for the homeowner and set them aside in a nice shady place so I could return them when we were done. Can't you get a landscapers to do that for you?

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Birdsong72(7/Northshore NJ)

nullium prandium gratuitum......

(there are no free lunches)

Though Gasko's is inexpensive. Nothing out of the ordinary, but you get a lot for your $$$$

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mprats(z6NJ Plainfield)

Barton's prices are prohibitive, especially since I think they are marked up for the public as they give a different price to landscapers, who supposedly are most of their business...
The cheapest source of bushes may be the Piscataway WalMart, they have a good garden center.

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