Forty + Liatris aspera die suddenly in sand site

plez(SW MI)July 23, 2007

This happened in May/June of this year on the edge of a 240 acre savanna/prairie restoration in SW Michigan. The plants came up this spring then disappeared without a trace. Ideas? A L. aspera colony of perhaps 100 plants only 50 feet away, but across a single lane gravel road, is doing fine. Mole predation? Soil conditions? Karma? God's will?

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laceyvail(6A, WV)

Definitely not moles. Moles don't eat plants. They're insectivores and eat only soil insects and earthworms.

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It would have been a good idea to look in the earth there to see if the corms had rotted or were eaten. Voles eat plants and rabbits really love Liatris. They defoliated mine some years ago to the point it died.

Here is a link that might be useful: Liatris pests

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dragonfly_dance(z7 SENJ)

You may have meant voles, voles can wipe out your plants. They just eat the roots away and when you go to check your ailing plant it come right up in your hand, which is agood sign of them.
Now could it be something else? could a weed killer or other toxic substance gotten blown through there? This happened to me, my neighbor powerwashed his house with chemicles and killed 18 years with of gardening in 2 weeks time. In this case leaves will curl up and turn brown like in weed killer.

There are several reasons it could've happened. Inspect the damage and contact your county ag extension, they might could tell you.

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