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paula_b_gardener 5b_ON(5b)July 21, 2012

In my post about my first 100 hostas one of them is called Scugog Rising Star about which Jan asked. This leads me to the question, how information is too much information and can be considered advertising? Below is a copy of the post to Jan but I thought it should have a separate thread so this question can be addressed. I have read some comments on here regarding advertising so I am not sure about the protocol about mentioning particular places.

Could someone advise me what the 'rules' are about this?




Re: Scugog Rising Star. There is a small hosta grower that I go to sometimes in Port Perry and it is his. Port Perry is where I used to live and it was to support charity, specifically the Special Olympics. Here is the listing on their website:

"Scugog Rising Star $10.00

Sport of Summer Olympics, pale green to yellow leaves, lavender flowers, 16" high. All proceeds from this hosta will be given to the handicapped."

Also, here is a 2010 pic of the leaf.

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well I'm no moderator or know the rule technically... but I would say if the name is Lakeside Paisley Print... you call it Lakeside Paisley Print...
I think the general no no's is pretty much down to improperly bashing somebody's business... without due cause.. which is always a big debate whether or not someone went to the right lengths to make sure that business was actually wrong and then went to the same lengths to help the business make things right... we're all human... we all make mistakes... its okay to say big box stores... and mention lowes, walmart etc... because we all know that anyways... and mention how risky it is to buy hostas from BB stores because of HVX and nems...I would think... but getting on here and going off about getting nems from "fancy hosta farm number 1" without even contacting the nursery... would be far from fair for the nursery's reputation in the hosta community..

Another big no no... would of course be advertising for yourself or friends... I would think it would be okay for a mention of maybe selling some of your stock on ebay... maybe indirectly in a post or what not... but flat out advertising your own business is spam... and could very well get out of hand here...

I would think praising a nursery... like we all do with Naylor Creek and Hallsons... is just plain enabling... the more we praise the good ones... the better chance the bad ones will get better or go away...


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Steve Massachusetts Zone 5b

GW members are allowed to say which vendors they like and which ones they dislike. You are not allowed to promote your own business or to sell stuff on GW. Sellers and owners of nurseries can and do post here. They just aren't allowed to promote themselves. However, we can do that for them. :~)


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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

what steve basically said ... but as usual .. i will phrase it my way ...

you.. personally .... can NOT do business here.. you are allowed to tell us where you got it.. and provide opinion about them and the plant ...

one thing that really irritates me.. is when some novice.. we barely ever heard from before .. screws up absolutely everything with a plant.. and then.. come in here blistering a favored provider ... prior to any kind of option for the seller to make things straight ...

that is not opinion .. that is 'flaming' someone ...

being in canada.. and having so few options for nurseries.. i dont have a problem with you mentioning a favorite ... that is opinion ... but if you get carried away.. and become a saleswomen for them.. then it would bug me.. and violates the spirit of GW ... basically .. i dont come here for that.. it would be like you were a door to door salesman ... and i dont like the intrusion ...

in your pic.. i doubt that streak will be back.. but you never know ..


Here is a link that might be useful: more than you ever wanted to know ...

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jan_on zone 5b

Paula -- Didn't mean to start a controversy! Having grown up close to Lake Scugog, this is a hosta I would probably buy just for that reason, if I happened to find it for sale. Next time I'm in Port Perry......

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