Planting pots in the ground......

talynnp(7)July 1, 2008

OK, you got my attention when you talked about planting pots in the ground to keep the roots from destroying them. What kind of pots do you use? Nursery pots? How deep do you put the plant in the pot? How deep do you plant the pot? Do you have to water more or less often?

I would like to experiment with this method, just need a little guidance from you......ken......dave......phil.....lainey......mary.....chris....linda....

phil...eo......and ANYBODY else that has ideas!!!!!

Thanks, Tanya

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Well---I'm not on that 'roll call' but I plant mine, in some cases, in the large nursery pots that trees come in, and many
in some in between those sizes and the sizes they come in when purchased! If I expect the planting to be short term, I
may use the original pots!

I'd love to have some of those Argoliners or spinout bags but haven't been able to find out where to purchase just a few
without having to sell our home in the process! Okay--that's an exaggeration, but what I have found are for commercial
use, as in volume!!

Anyone want to go in on a purchase of 400??

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aahostas(z5 central Il.)

I didn't make the "roll call". either! But I have been an advocate of planting in pots for years now. I simply dig a hole that the 3 to 20 gallon nursery pot will fit in. I try to make it level with the ground surrounding it. I then put gravel under the pot and in the bottom of the pot to cover the drain holes. I then mix existing soil,(red clay at my house),composted cow manure, crushed oak leaves and potting mix into the pot to the very top. I will either water it heavily or wait a week or two until it settles. It may sink an inch or two. When I am planting the Hosta I will mound up the mix in the middle and place the crown on top. I then tuck the roots down the sides. This seems to provide stability and helps to reduce freeze heave. If it is in a Vole prone area I will sprinkle some pea gravel on top of the pot. The results at my place have been amazing! NO volestation, LESS Water and fertilizer, NO tree root competition, NO mole tunnels underneath, easy relocation and removal and most of all coming out in the spring and finding Hostas instead of vole tunnels and holes where they used to be..I know this is controversial to some but quoting "His Butchness"..."It is not an experiment anymore because I have done it ". Feel free to write back if I have left anything out or if you should have any questions.


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sandykk(z6 MD)

I've done it for some of my big ones mainly for the shrews and voles. I do cut out the bottom of my big pots though. Some of my big ones, I'm thinking are going to outgrow their pots. Might have to dig them up and find even a larger pot. I also make the wire baskets for my good hostas. So far so good.

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If you use any pine in your soil mix, you will need to keep an eye out for termites. I have had them invade a few of my containers.

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Out of necessity, I've been sinking pots for 3 years, swapping them into larger pots as they grow even tho' crowded roots haven't affected growth.

Janice, click on the Tex-R Agroliner link at the top of Hosta Library page. You can buy as few as 12 bags. I bought 50 of the 5 gallon size, which is plenty big enough for even a giant hosta.

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Hey, thank you, Maryann! I never saw that link before!

So, you've had success using the spin-out, I can assume or is it too soon to tell??

It is in the back of my mind, somewhere, that someone said to turn them inside out,
to prevent tree roots from growing 'in'! Seems it was explained that the coating on
the bags repels tree roots, not simply prevents them from getting inside or prevent
the hosta roots from getting outside the bags!

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Okay--I ordered 5 and I was right, I did hear that about turning the bags inside out! I got the largest ones offered!

Looks like 'one of our own' is selling them--one we don't often see here anymore! ;o)

I'm very grateful we have a source, now!!! Hope they are as effective as I've heard!!

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When the root touches the copper it will die or become damaged and stop growing in that direction. The tree root will make a little knot and start new growth along the root. They are mainly designed to grow trees inside keeping the roots from circling and girdling the roots.

Now to hosta, the hosta roots grow only on the ends and the ends should not be damaged.

Finally turn the bag so the coating is out to stop tree roots out while avoiding effect on the hosta roots.

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Yes, turn the black side out, grey side in. I hope I never need to dig one out to check, just believe what's been reported.

I'm running into tree roots (and soaker hoses) everywhere I dig. In the beginning it was easy to snuggle new plants in, Eight years later, I struggle to move them out, give them some elbow space on my .22 acre.

That's a lot of pots and bags for someone who doesn't like overlapping. :)

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Oh my word, Maryann--talk about a 'sea of hosta'! I love your look!!!!

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Yes, turn the black side out, grey side in."

If the gray side is the treated side then, I'm convinced it is the other way around and would argue with the manufacturer if necessary.

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The grey side is the fabric, the black side is the coating.

The hosta looked so innocent and happy here in early May when each one could shine individually. Later they're all thugs. :) I should have known better.

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greenguy(Zone 5 OH)

never tried them but interesting product

the web site said to place the black side out to protect the plant inside the bag

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Mary we're on the same page!

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