'Garden Handy' gloves

fauxcat(z7 NC Piedmont)September 30, 2005

My favorite pair of garden gloves have finally worn out. They are wrist length, canvas with "Garden Handy" in script

on the wrist, palm & fingers dipped in green nitrile. Searched the web but couldn't find a source currently selling them. I love 'em and would appreciate any help in tracking down a source. Thanks.

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Are they at GardenHandy.com (see link below)?

Here is a link that might be useful: GardenHandy

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philo_phreak(z9 CA)

I have some that are similar that I purchsed at Target and have seen at Home Depot, they aren't Garden Handy brand, but they are wonderful, no soil gets under the nails AND they don't get wet if the soil has just been irrigated!

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fauxcat(z7 NC Piedmont)

GardenSpice - thanks for the link - the name's the same but not the product. philo_phreak - thanks, I'll check there the next time I get to the big city(smile). (this is a very small town).

Thanks to both of you for the help.

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I have the exact same pair of Garden Handy gloves as you are describing, dying fast - they are 10 years old, and Home Depot, Ace, Loew's - no one has anything as thorn-/cactus spine-proof as these green wonders. Where did they go?

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