Swamp Loving Hedge

edlincoln(6A)July 9, 2013

What native New England shrub can grow into a conventional hedge shape and can survive in a swampy area that is flooded in the Spring? It is intended to create a border with a tiny wetland. Berries, flowers, or evergreen would all be good traits, but I don't expect all three. Should be low maintenance.

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dr.liz(7 NJ)

Maybe buttonbush? Haven't grown it yet myself, though. It defintely tolerates wet, and the flowers are great, but I'm not sure about the hedge part. I'm thinking maybe an informal hedge, not something clipped like a yew.

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A lot of Viburnum can tolerate seasonal wetness.

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What species of Viburnum are native and like swamp?

So far the suggestions I've got are:
Swamp azala (Rhododendron viscosum)

Not native, but I like it anyway so I'll put it in...Hydrangias.

Which of these can make a dense privacy hedge? Which can be trimmed into a formal hedge shape?

The idea is to plant it along a fence at the bottom of a slope. On the far side of the slope is a wooded wetland inhabited by frogs and deer that is swamp all year. On the near side is a yard that is flooded in Spring inhabited by various domesticated predators. Not sure if the plan will be to replace the rather ugly fence or hide it. Zine 6. There is part shade and nearly constant wet right next to the fence, but if you step a few feet away it becomes seasonal wetness and full sun.

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dr.liz(7 NJ)

Honestly, buttonbush is worth considering. It is one plant that really tolerates wet feet, even flooding. I would highly recommend checking out Donald Leopold's book, "Native Plants of the Northeast." Maybe you can find it in the library. He has an appendix listing plants that favor wet conditions. Willow, alder, and Bayberry are also worth considering. Bayberry is a very tough plant that is commonly used as an informal hedge.

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