Witch hazel--latest ever

ginny12March 8, 2014

My witch hazel, 'Arnold Promise', almost always blooms by about Feb. 22. It has been as early as Valentine's Day and once in very early March.

But it is now March 8 and it is still not in bloom. I have had this large shrub almost 25 years so I have a good long sample of bloom times.

We'll see what today's 'warm' temps in the 40s bring. How about others with this reliable shrub?

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claireplymouth z6b coastal MA

I haven't been watching my little 'Arnold Promise' which is now in a shady spot surrounded by black cherry seedlings and mature pines. This doesn't seem to bother it - I bushwhacked in this morning and it's blooming! Not a big show but I'll take anything right now. The witchhazel is quietly growing up and may break into sunnier air space this year (or next). It's about six feet tall and rangy.

This is maybe a week later than last year but I'm not sure because I don't know when it started blooming. I actually passed it several times a week or so ago but I was busy clearing up fallen branches and didn't think to look over there.


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seanm10660 z6b(z6b)

There are a few witch hazels, I *think* Arnold Promise, planted around some monument close to my house in Medford; I drove past yesterday hoping to see something in bloom with the weather so warm, but they were still closed up tight, which surprised me...sigh, I've about lost my mind at this point searching for some sign of spring...

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javaandjazz(z6 CT)

I looked at mine a few days ago and saw nothing and you guys just prompted me to look again and look what I found! Spring is coming!

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I thought with yesterday's comparative warmth that at least a few would open--but nothing. I am north of Boston and this shrub is on the south side of my house where I get earliest bloom. :(

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terrene(5b MA)

I have been thinking about the 'Arnold Promise' the past week and finally went out this morning to check it. Nothing! No blooms unfurling whatsoever. Like you Ginny.

Usually it starts blooming in late Feb. So far it is looking like a late Spring. Those in the more mild coastal zone are further ahead.

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It's open! It's spring! Yippee.

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