We need a post it map

skatayama(NJ-7)June 4, 2005

There have been so many posts recently with must-see and visit Jersey nurseries. We need a post it map for this forum. It seems so many of us are transplanted NJ'ers. Wouldn't it be neat if there could be a clickable map of Jersey here to help the geographically challenged among us?


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newbirdman(7 b NJ)

Well Sheila , they do have a clickable map - its called Mapquest but this doesnt help if you dont have an address , but you can always get that in the web telephone book . Rick

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Yeah, but why not put all only the sites people have mentioned here onto a map. I think there is a way to do it. Some of the mail lists used to have maps to show where there members were located. It would be neat to get an overview of where these nurseries are and even neater if you could click and get the address or contact info. I should get that building a web page book out when I get a chance and figure one out.

Mapquest is my least favorite online map service. the last time I used it was for my trip to Rare Find Nursery where it got at least two turns wrong.


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Although I use Mapquest all the time and it's indispensible for me, you are right, it does sometimes give errors. Also, it sometimes sends you down some weird back roads when there's a more direct route. I cringe whenever someone uses it to find my house because they invariably get lost. There are easy ways to get to my house, but Mapquest doesn't use them.

I think that a map like you want would be nice, but I don't know of any software that will let you easily do that. Other than that, you'd have to do it by hand - not an easy task.


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