Success with Palms in Toms River ?

daintyJune 27, 2007

Anyone have any success with outside Palms? I see several mature ones outside at the shore and Im jealous : ) Is there a trick? Id love to have one but would hate to kill it so I thought to ask before...



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Rhapidophyllum hystrix(needle palm) and Sabal minor(dwarf palmetto) are fully hardy in the N.J. coastal plain if planted on the S or SE side of a building and mulched well over winter. These are quite slow-growing. Sabal louisiana is faster growing, but is more cold and wind tender than the last two. Trachycarpus fortunei(windmill palm) has survived several winters with minimal damage in very sheltered sites with just mulch. Trachys are hardy to about +6 F. Wind can be more damaging than cold. These are palms growing in N.J. which are mulched over winter, but not wrapped. Notice the minors and needles in exposed locations.

Needle palms


Louisianas and trachys


A maturing planting of minors, louisianas, and trachys

Trachy with flower spikes

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If you're thinking of the "tropical" palms planted in the sand near the various clubs and bars, like at Jenkinson's in Point Pleasant for instance, forget it. They are removed or allowed to die off when the cold hits. As Steve has shown, however, there are hardy types that can do well here with minimal protection. My trachy has been in the ground for 5 years now. I cover it from mid Dec. to mid Mar. depending on the severity of the winter. We are in West Belmar about a mile from the beach.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Nice trachy, Trishmick. It's about large enough to really start growing now.

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Thanks Steve. Yeah, I'm finally seeing some height from this guy. There is a fig right next to it that will provide two blooms of fruit this year. And to the right of the trachy, my now 3 years in the ground basjoo is loving the weather. A tropical look in Jersey is not that difficult. I'm considering a Pindo palm as a year round experiment. We'll see.

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Thank you so much. Kind of you to post the pics. I am trying to do my homework so I can plant successfully next year. We have just moved back to Toms River and I am so looking forward to getting my gardens/landscaping just the way I like them. Thanks for the help with the palms. I think I will try them next year. Maybe if I cant find large enough ones, I can take them in and out, season permitting, till they large enough to leave outside year round. I am excited with the new challenges. Thanks for your generosity and great pics.

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There was an article in The Islander newspaper that we get on Long Beach Island about a place in Tuckerton that sells palm trees that can be grown in NJ. I think they are similar to the ones that are growing outside of the new Quarterdeck restaurant as you enter LBI.
Good luck!

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