anybody got these guys in their garden?

fpgoaJune 13, 2009

What are these wormy things in my Cherry Hill suburban garden?

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Aliens? I don't have those worm type things but I do have the white fungus things in my garden. I bet it's a sort of a mushroom.

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Stinkhorn fungus. Mutinus Caninus. I usually find them growing in mulched areas during very wet weather.

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Yep had those last year. They are called Stinkhorn and grow on old wood/roots/mulch etc. As soon as you see them, dig them out (before they spread their spores). When you dig them out make sure you get the little white egg type things they hatch from, touch wood i haven't had any this year. Hope that helps.

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My boys love these things, but I haven't noticed them harming any other plants, or becoming uncontrollable. I mean the fungus, not the boys.

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I second the advice from Kevingalaxy. I hate the way the flies are attracted to the moist, stinky top part. Annie NJ, my son used to find them very humorous to look at - now that he's 15, nothing is funny. LOL Leslie

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I have them too!!...(stinkhorn - Mutinus ravenelii). This is the first time I have ever heard of them or had them in my garden these 11 years. I discovered the "eggs" while weeding and a couple days later found this had grown. Me and my son think they are gross, hysterical, cool. My 13 year old says they look like 'nerf darts' and he is right on! They have a spongy foam like structure. I think they add character to my garden... Am I weird? I did a little research on them. The stinkhorns are not dangerous or harmfull to people, pets or plants, which is good to know. They do attract flies and that is how they propogate. The flies eat the spore slime and then poop it out somewhere else.

I like these better than the "dog vomit" fungi I had several years ago! :o)

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ps... yours looks like 'elegans' variety

check out this site...

Here is a link that might be useful:

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