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emmyt(z6a PA)September 29, 2005

I foolishly planted a container of black eyed susan last year in a tiny garden patch, not realizing how big they get and that they spread. Would like to move them to an area where there's much more room for them, and plant in their place some mums or other smaller perennial. It's fall now, so the susan's flowers are gone, but the leaves are still green. Is it safe to dig them up now and replant elsewhere? Will probalby (hopefully) be a month before we get below freezing temps.

In that same small patch are also some established evergreen bushes (both needled and flat oval-leaf types--sorry don't know names), that I'd also like to move so that I can plant something that flowers in their place. Any advice about when/how to dig them up?

thanks much.

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lindac(Iowa Z 5/4)

Move the Susans.....they will be fine....but wait until spring for the evergreens.
They keep their needles all winter and depend on their root systems to keep not to mess with the roots now.
Linda C

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emmyt(z6a PA)

Thanks Linda. Two of the evergreens are a broadleaf type--flat oval shaped waxy leaves about 1/2 to 1 inches long, a really common bush but I don't know the name. Should I wait until spring to dig those up as well? Also, they are fairly large, about 4 ft high, so I expect their root system is pretty well spread. Will I kill them if the roots get cut when I try to dig them up?
emmy t

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