The junk that shows up when opening native plant site:

cumuloAugust 14, 2013

I don't think that when I click on Native plants that the first ad I see should be for avocado trees.
I also think that people who want a plant identified should first do some of the work themselves. Say where it is found. Include in a picture a scale or something easily recognizable so that the size can be determined. If you can show a flower closeup, then do it; and then include also a picture of the plant with the date it was photographed, and where it was photographed. Place and time of year are important clues in identification. I see that many things shown are not identifiable just because the person submitting the picture has a low resolution photo with almost no useful additional data.

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albert_135(Sunset 2 or 3)

I don't see any ads. You must be doing something wrong.

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bostedo(8a tx-bp-dfw)

albert_135: I don't see any ads. You must be doing something wrong.

True.... if using a browser without some Adblock add-on enabled is "wrong". ;-) I normally don't like using these on sites like GW that provide appreciated ad-supported services, but admit to turning it on after a round of repeating and especially irritating ads here. Unfortunately for GW, now I won't notice if or when they clean things up so that I can turn it off.

cumulo: GW likely still lacks the depth of advertisers and technology to tailor the ad rotations for each forum. At least it was in the gardening domain with an avocado tree rather than some little blue pill or similar pharmaceutical.

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