Blackberries in Partial Shade

nick1208June 6, 2007

Hi everyone - this is my second summer in my new house - and I'm trying to get an area of my back-yard edible garden more productive. I have a section that (once I get enough $ to hire a landscaper to trim back the branches from my neighbors' yards) will get about 6 hours of full sun in the morning, following by filtered sun through the afternoon. Once 4:30 or so hits, it's pretty much shaded. I wanted to try a berry, since I have been told a lot of berries are native to 'woodland' areas. I also know that NJ is very conducive to certain berry gardening - blueberries, cranberries, etc. Does anyone have any experience w/ blackberries that can tell me of a variety that may do okay under such conditions? I could also use some help w/ pesticides - I'd prefer organic, but at this point I'm desperate - I had every kind of beetle/bug you could imagine. My asparagus is under attack, my tomatoes have these tiny black bugs on them, last year my guords/cucumbers has tons of beetles/squash bugs, and I think I have an infestation of snails. Depsite all these set backs, I'm determined to have a harvest this year....Any input anyone can provide would be MOST helpful.

Thank you!!!!!


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Loretta NJ Z6

Hi Nicole,
I think you have plenty of sun for blackberries. I have shaded wild black raspberries and they always produced plenty of berries. I don't know which one to recommend but you might search all the forums for past posts, maybe make your own over their too.
There is also a Pest and Disease forum that has some activity. If you have a camera, pictures of your pests would be great. Tiny black insects make me think of aphids, flea beetles or possibly tumbling flower beetles. What are the tiny black bugs doing, where are they on the plant and what kind of damage do you see?

Here is a link that might be useful: Fruit & Orchards Forum

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Thanks Loretta! I'm going to order the blackberries - I also have alpine strawberries for that area so I'm pretty excited to have lots of berries.

As for the buggers - on the tomatoes they are making little yellow holes/spots. These little things get on a lot of my plants, and I'm pretty certain they are flea beetles, but wanted to get more info from other NJ gardeners.

As for your wild black raspberries - do you harvest them? If so, what's the flavor like?

Thanks again!

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Loretta NJ Z6

A picture would be great. Do you have a digital? I will help you post it if you can't.
I was harvesting them. They are sweet but more seedy than my children are use to so they opt not to have them.
What they really like is my father's mulberry tree. It makes a big mess though.

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