tomato wilt

mulchwoman(metuchen,nj)June 8, 2010


I plant Celebrity tomato plants because they are resistant to just about everything. I have wilt in my soil.

This year one of my plants has developed wilt and will have to be pulled out, and now another one is starting. My garden is very small and I only have 4 plants.

Any suggestions?

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I can't help your wilt problem but I can make a sugestion. Go to home depot/Lowes, whomever, and buy a few of those tubs they sell for about 8 bucks. Plant a container garden. You could still get some decent sized starts to salvage your season till you figure out why your soil is sick.

My Tomatos were crap the last 2 years because of stuff like you have now. This year I mulched heavy with straw/Hay and I'm hoping that helps me out.

Good luck.

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Crop rotation. When you plant the same things in the same places year after year, the soil is depleted and virus and mold and other diseases may remain in the soil. As above, plant in a different place; a container or another place on your property.

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