Shady, Summer Garden ... Kid Friendly???

bbeyerJune 27, 2012

Hello all,

So my kids really want a garden. Our yard is extremely shady. There's one spot that gets a few hours of direct sunlight a day.

Can anyone recommend something that will do well in a shady garden that can be planted now (late June)? It doesn't have to be a quick harvest (harvesting in the Fall is fine), but preferably something hearty (less likely to fall sick).

Am I asking too much? Any suggestions? Thanks!

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Sad to say, for all that New Jersey is the Garden State, there are few responses to any threads in this forum. It sounds like you want some vegetables for your kids - I would ask the question in the vegetable forum. Most vegetables that I've grown have been real sun-lovers, but maybe the vegetable mavens can come up with some suggestions. Good luck!

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> I would ask the question in the vegetable forum.

Done. Thanks for the advice!

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Leafy greens, root crops and many herbs will get by with less sun. There is more to consider than just hours of sunlight, however ... like competition from tree roots for water and nutrients. You might find the linked article from Mother Earth News helpful. Also consider some fruits. Certain blueberries will do well in part shade, and those tiny but incomparably tasty alpine strawberries.

If it is shade from deciduous trees, you might try an early-maturing garlic. The cloves are best planted in October and will do a lot of their growing in spring, before the trees have fully leafed out.

Here is a link that might be useful: Best Vegetables to Grow in Shade

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