Fall bulb planting.

house_beautiful(9)September 7, 2012


I recently bought bulbs for Tulips (Hybrid Darwin), Dutch Iris, Daffodils (Trumpet) and Allium.

I wanted to know which ones should be refrigerated before planting and when exactly should I plant them outdoors(zone 9)?


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vetivert8(NI-NZ zone 9a)

The tulips you can fridge - and leave them perhaps to the beginning of November before planting out. (Should you forget them - they'll be fine in December, too.)

The others I would put in now as they usually stay decently dormant until the rains set in for autumn/winter. They don't seem to be as earth-temperature sensitive as the tulips.

Suggest you also post over on the bulbs forum as there are people there who are likely to know your version of zone 9 better than I can.

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