Ladybugs and Earthworms

tupacs01June 24, 2006

Hi all,

I have a problem with some pests in a small flower garden I recently planted, and also with soil aeration. I'd like to buy some ladybugs and earthworms for this little garden, but I'll be darned if I know where I can get some around here. I'm in the Clifton NJ area. Does anyone know where I can buy ladybugs and earthworms around here?


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I couldn't tell you where you could get lady bugs but if you go to any place they sell bait and tackle (freshwater fishing only)you can get earth worms there. Also, you can get them at most K-mart and walmart stores in the sporting goods store.

I bet you'll have to get the lady bugs on-line some where.

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99.9% of the ladybugs will leave your garden. If you have an aphid infested plant or two, you might have a shot at keeping some of them around, until their food source is gone, then they'll move on. If you do purchase some ladybugs, release them at night. I had wedged the open container in one of my aphid infested shrubs, as low as I could get it. Some stayed, but in a few days, they were mostly gone. Still, I looked it as a humane release project. I had purchased mine a few years ago, at DePiero's in Montvale. Did you try Ploch's?

As for earthworms, I'm sure you could find some online. I have more earthworms and nightcrawlers in my ground. When it rains, look out; one can't even walk in my grass without squishing loads of them :(

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orcuttnyc(z5-6 NY)

Great company. I do't need more ladybugs, but I do get praying mantisis each year.

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Worms will come when the soil is rich in organics and moisture, and not too hot. I think most chemicals harm worms, so be careful. My soil drains pretty well, so I rarely see worms except under the mulch/compost when it it not too warm and/or dry.

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