YAY!!! A celebration of my first summer garden at my first house

Tiffany_Rose(z7 VA Nor Neck)September 3, 2005

After moving into my first house 4 months ago (and after growing up on Clay and finding myself with Sand) owned by a gardener who apparently loved Hostas, Liriope and this hideous little shrub that doesnt DO anything, I am pleased to announce the following:

I did not kill my lavender. Almost. But not quite.

My rose, Memorial Day, has had every bloom destroyed by thripes, junebugs, heat, and fickleness, produced 2 perfect blooms yesterday.

Out of 25 or so seeds, 10 or so scraggly plants (planted in my Frankenstein garden--I wasn't expecting much) I was able to pick 1 perfect lemon yellow sunflower that I put in a vase in a window sill and it just GLOWED.

I have a pumpkin. An honest to God pumpkin. 20ft of pumpkin vine (climbing my lavendar)and I have 1 little pumpkin about 8 inches long and deep, beautiful green.

I had to share my excitement!!

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cschuess(z5 ny)

I can see why you're excited!!! We are in a new house also with a ton of sandy soil...I ordered a bunch of plants from Michigan bulb which didn't do much of anything...however, my birdfeeder managed to become surrounded with sunflowers (small brightly colored ones). It figures, the only thing to grow was the one thing I didn't plant!!! I am envious of you, and your pumpkin!!!

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Tiffany_Rose(z7 VA Nor Neck)

I ordered some stuff from Michigan, too. 2 things died, but I have blackberries, lilies, and the pumpkin seeds that are doing ok. How do you like the sandy soil so far? I've somewhat enjoyed it as long as I add potting soil generously whenever I plant anything. Everything started pretty slowly, but it has taken off in the last 2 or three weeks. Earlier in the year, I grew habanero peppers that LOVE the sand; they kept me going those long summer days with no blooms.

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cschuess(z5 ny)

A description of our yard is listed under forest bed- this is what I am thinking of doing...will let you know if it works!!!

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Marie of Roumania(z6 MA)

tiffanyrose, thanks for sharing your lovely lavender & sunflower & pumpkin. got me a little teary, dang it. mazel tov! yippee!

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mamimo(Sunset 16)


Thank YOU! I had such a good laugh after reading your post. Because finally I realized what I've been missing out on.

Like you, I'm a newbie and several of my plants have suffered. Not due to lack of love, but due to my ignorance/inexperience. Since my spruce started dying 2 weeks ago, I've been really discouraged. But hey, look, my lilacs are still (barely) alive, my grass is finally growing and my viburnums are still green. And my composting works!

I really, really like your attitude. And congratulations on your lavender, pumpkin and sunflower!

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