OK - how do I deal with the chipmunks?

njtea(NJ Z6)June 19, 2006

Since the chipmunk killer who lived with me has passed on and the new beast doesn't give a hoot about hunting, how do I deal with the invasion? It's a good thing that I don't wear high heels 'cause I would have broken something by this time from falling in a hole. The holes are everywhere!

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I have the same problem. This "cutie" dug all my crocus bulbs one by one and makes huge holes just by my front door! I used special liquid with castor oil I have bought last year for moles and mice - did not help at all. Now I spice my flower beds with black pepper and hope it will help.

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njtea(NJ Z6)

I tried the hot pepper route together with a few mothballs down the hole - the chippie who lived in that area of my garden has not reappeard but I'm sure he's moved someplace else.

This past winter, one critter lived under the birdbath that sits on the ground and in which I have a deicer. He was nice and snug all winter long. Every once in a while I'd dump the bath to clean it and disturb him. He'd stagger a couple of feet away until I was finished and then scurry back to his warm hideout once again.

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I suppose "deal with them" is open to individual interpretation, but you could trap them (Havahart makes a 2-door trap their size and a one-door "Chipmunk trap". I find sunflower seeds make a good bait) and release them elsewhere (note- probably illegal).

I built a separate cage- make sure your "transfer glove" doesn't have a hole in one finger, 'cause the little buggers'll find THAT finger- and would bring them to work with me. (Oh, did I mention that at the time I worked where there was an 11 acre preserve?).

Other folks might mention that the same trap fits into a large plastic bin filled with water, and, apparently, the 'munks don't swim too well... nor do they survive the cheapo Victor-style "rat traps" (the dumb ones, don't, anyway).

Here is a link that might be useful: Havahart

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Part of gardening for me is enjoying all the creatures that make my little patch of the world their home. I spend a good chunk up money on bird seed, and it falls from the feeders and grows weeds where I don't want it to.. So the chipmunks have a few holes, the squirrels dig in my potted plants -and everywhere else- but that's my fault for giving them peanuts. The real amount of damage they do is minimal compared to the enjoyment I get from watching them. I think my garden would be a lonely place without them.

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Order the RatZapper or a couple of them, and a bunch of alkaline D cell batteries. It really works. A buddy of mine has two of them and he baits it with just small dog kibble...like 3 or 4 pieces. He has zapped about 20 of them so far..and counting. Previously he was doing the water bucket trick, but that stunk and was messy. The zapper is quick, efficient, and easy to use. He made some covers for them with an opening on one end...plywood I think. That is just to keep the rain out of the electronics on it. You can buy them too from the zapper manufacturer. That would be easier.

This may not be the best choice if you have small curious children though. Always read and heed the warnings on these devices.

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Just leave 'em alone and enjoy what's happening in your landscape.

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mucknmire(zone6 NJ)

Wow, we'd love to have chipmunks in our yard. We only have lots of squirrels including a black one. I guess we have too many wild cats in our neighborhood. I have seen only one chipmunk in 15 years of living in Mercer County and that was just a week ago in an office complex in Plainsboro. Sorry, no ideas on how to get rid of them. When we were driving through Canada, on one stretch of highway for about 5 miles, chipmunks would stand by the roadside and dart back and forth just as the vehicle was passing. The road was littered with roadkill. Strange behavior, eh. At first I would slam on the brakes then thought better of that since there was traffic behind me. Just cringed when you heard a little thump.

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Ok for years I have been inundated with these nasty (good looking creatures) but they havn't let me enjoy my strawberries. There is aq lot of holes in the back yard I just wonder where they put all of the dirt. Yes they are cute but...

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Right now we are inundated, but fortunately they dont do any damage that I notice to my plants. I have a friend who makes it her hobby to Havahart them then dump them off at Giralda Farms.

For me Groundhogs are a completely different story. I finally started taking to Havaharting them myself and ditching them at the Tourne

Here is a link that might be useful: My Garden Blog

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Unfortunately chipmunks can cause expensive damage. They chewed holes in my mahogany deck. I bought a Havahart and in 3 months captured 26. I didn't even bother to bait it after a while. You need to relocate them over 5 miles from your home.

I spoke with a fellow at the Humane Society and he told me that it might be more humane to just wring their necks. Most chipmunks that are relocated die anyway because the area is unfamiliar and they don't have burrows.

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I was at my wits end with the chipmunks. They got into my house, my basement, my walls. I even found insulation strewn cross my yard! I tried everything and I refuse to waste gas relocating them if I did manage to catch one. My last resort was to purchase a RatZapper. At $50, I was skeptical since it was NOT guaranteed for use on chipmunks. Well, it works. I get one every time I set it. I once got 3 in one day. Quick death, no blood.

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