Helleborus 'Sunmarble' is still in bloom on June 11

pontesmanny(z6/7 S NJ)June 11, 2006

Started blooming this year in late Feb or very early March. In bloom for over 90 days. Leaves are nicely "marbled" and plant is quite vigorous. Anybody had good experiences with any helleborus?

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Many of my "Royal Heritage" hellebores still have blooms, also since March. Next best thing to plastic flowers! I think the world is finally catching on to the wonders of these great plants; even Home Depot had them this year.

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Loretta NJ Z6

I have a Royal Heritage hybrid too and also a Sunshine Hybrid. It looks great next to hostas and similar shade plants. The sepals are still on them. I've been trying to grow some from seed for years. I think I finally got a couple to live.
I also have hellebore foetidus. I hope you took some at the swap. They reseeded well for me - I have enough to do a border. However, the original three plants died off after about five years. I posted that over on the hellebore forum and a few others had that same experience. All who responded, in fact, except the NorthWest gardeners.

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pontesmanny(z6/7 S NJ)

Yes, Loretta, I did take some of your seedlings at the swap. They have grown well. Thanks, once again.

I did not know that Home Depot had these plants, prubo. Did you buy any? How were they?

I have heard that Hellebores need lime at least once per year. Is that your experience? I lightly added lime this Spring.

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Loretta NJ Z6

Never heard that one. Can't comment one way or the other.
Hellebores were everywhere this year but I don't think they showed too well in the stores. Mostly I saw smaller flowered muddy pink greens and a few whites. I picked up one white for $9.99 - that's the Sunshine hybrid. The Royal hybrid I have is a pink/green also but the flowers are larger. I am thinking it is probably because mine is established in the ground.
I didn't see anything real interesting.

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I think that once you have the bug, and realize how well these plants do, you begin to lust for specific types and colors. I intend to feed my addiction by ordering from Pine Knot Farms. http://www.pineknotfarms.com/

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Loretta NJ Z6

What have you gotten from Pine Knot so far?

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Me? Nothing! Have just drooled over their on-line catalog.

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