Closed Gentian (gentiana andrewsii)

JinMeAugust 6, 2013

We have had a single closed gentian plant along the side of one of the trails through our wooded property for the past 16 years. It has bloomed only a few of those years. This year, several new plants have come up (I assume seeds sown long ago have finally germinated). This is the only gentian I have seen in this area.

My questions:
1. Is there anything I can do to the current environment of the plants to encourage growth and blooming. It is in a moderately moist location and deep in leaf litter on top of a sandy/rocky subsurface.
2. One of the new plants is actually in the trail and likely to be stepped on by dogs or people. I know that gentians are difficult to transplant, but I would really like to move this particular plant to a newly-established native plant garden near the house. Any recommendations?

Thanks for your help

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lycopus(z5 NY)

Haven't grown it myself but I see them often in the wild. They are always in very wet locations, like along streams or the edges of ponds and lakes. I've also seen them in beaver meadows. They seem to like a lot of sun.

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Yes to the sun exposure. They occur naturally along an unused driveway in the mt., where there is plenty of rain but also full sun. I have moved some successfully, but most died. I am also trying to grow from seed, although right now I don't know if the seedlings will survive ... don't seem to have a magic "touch" for transplanting!

Cullina says to keep them watered for the first season after transplanting.

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I have had one in my yard for about 15 years. It comes up every year, blooms well, but I have never seen a seedling from it. Not sure how you would get it to reseed. It never gets any bigger, or spreads, either, but it is a nice-size plant.


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Thanks for input. I wasn't sure about sun requirements, so a sunny place it is for my trial transplant.

Sandy, is your plant in a very wet place?

My plants are very small, I wouldn't call them well-established at all. I read that the seeds can take years to germinate, so I like to think my plants are a result of a long-ago bear poop in our woods!

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My plant is in a pretty dry garden in semi-shade. Which may be the reason it isn't increasing much. It probably needs more water, which is not a problem this year, lol! But we put drip irrigation in that bed this summer so it will have more water in the future.


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