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cathy111June 28, 2007

I am new to gardening as having previously lived in a townhouse. So I'm looking for input. I have a small ranch house with a postage size front lawn. The previous owners planted two Bradford Pears that dwarf the house and are too close to my home, in addition to just being a poor choice of a tree. So they are coming down. I'm thinking of an Eastern Redbud - Forest Pansy variety. Any thoughts? Also, what would be good companion plantings?

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bogturtle(SE NJ 7a)

Other suggestions, probably available most easily by mail-order are Halesia diptera 'Wedding Bells',a select form of Halesia triptera, Stewartia rostrata or psuedocamelia or Koreana. The P. Japonica I have is, for me, very slow growing and always graceful looking.

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Loretta NJ Z6

Forest Pansy is a beautiful tree but I've never grown it. However, do a search on GW. There are many posts about it as it is a well liked tree. Redbuds do drop beans if you don't mind that. Not sure how fertile FP is.
Bogturtle has given you more beautiful trees to look at. There are so many and in the end, considering planting conditions, it's what you like. The same can be said about what to plant with it. Since FP has a beautiful leaf and color, it should be easy to come up with many combinations that would work. A lot depends on the site, the space you are working with and what is there already.

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pontesmanny(z6/7 S NJ)

Given that you have a very small lawn, you may wish to consider whether any trees would be a good choice; some well placed shrubs may be better (with some perennials and annuals, perhaps for variety). We lived on a 50 foot wide lot and did not have any trees to frame the house. There were some large evergreens that were planted close to the house and had grown almost upto the 2nd story windows; they all came down.

The choices above are all good choices. Many of the trees will virtually be shrubs for quite a few years.

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