Spider Mites on Pink Elf Hydrangea

mulchwoman(metuchen,nj)June 30, 2005


I seem to have spider mites on my new hydrangea. It's been doing very well since I started to water it properly (I was new to hydrangeas, and didn't know how thirsty a plant they are). I have noticed the fine webbing typical of spider mites. Is there any special way of handling them on hydrangeas? I don't have them on my older one (planted in March). This one was planted on June 13, so it's a new planting and I don't know if that would require any special handling.

Thanks for any help.


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birdgardner(NJ/ 6b)

hosing off the leaves, especially the undersides, a couple times a day, can kill the spider mites, with no downside. Horticultural oil (watch out for leaf burn - use a low concentration, shield from the sun), or lime sulfur have worked for me, more quickly than the water treatment. insecticidal soap would probably do the trick also.

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