Is it just me, or are everyone's summer veggies not growing?

andyinnycJune 23, 2005

I have had my squash, cucumbers, melons, peppers, eggplant, tomatoes, etc. in the ground since the beginning/middle of May. To look at the cucumbers, for example, you'd think that I had put the seedlings out yesterday.

Are everyone's summer veggies stuck in "slo-gro" mode, or is it just me?

The peas, by the way, are now taller than I can reach ; at least something is going well.


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i dont know, my tomato plants are huge already, and the grape tomatoes already have green (albeit small) tomatoes on them..

the herbs are out of control and the pumpkin has buds too... but we have good sun so maybe thats why?

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Have you been growing these items in sunlight, given fertilizer and started with good soil prep? Assuming that you have done this, many of our night temps have been cold, so depending upon your locale, your plants should be taking off very shortly. They are not crowded, are they?

I'm just throwing out some ideas which may not even apply to your garden........


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I'm about 20 miles north. My tomatoes are about what I would expect with this hot weather, vigorous, blossoming, about 25% have fruit set, all planted weekend before memorial day. My peppers were planted same time and up to last week I would consider behind schedule, but have really taken off last week or so. Having a hard time with bugs though in the peppers.

I'm just about ready to harvest first round of basil, tired of pinching blossoms- so would consider that doing well.

Only real disapointment for me so far is my pumpkins, I had a great year last year, this year inching along, very little growth. Same variety, same plant out date as last year.

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Andy, I'm in your zone and I didn't even bother putting my tomatoes in the ground until June 1st or so because it was so cold in May. In other years, I've planted a full 30 days sooner. But now that they're in the ground and the temps are higher, they've taken off. If all other conditions are right in your garden, your veggies should be growing now.

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wardw(z6 NJ)

I don't grow early tomatoes and the cold May and a battle with woodchucks ment my plants didn't go in until mid to late May, which means no fruit set yet. But things are picking up and everything except the ancho peppers have started to make their move. Now that the weather and ground is hot things like melons will really come into their own - before you know it you'll be wondering how the plants got so our of control.

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ladychroe(z6 NJ)

Every single one of my tomatoes have fruit set, and two have green tomatoes that are almost two inches in diameter. Three are outgrowing their stakes! My pepper plants are small, less than a foot tall (Golden Boy only 5 inches tall!) but most of them have blossoms or tiny peppers. My basil isn't growing much, tho. Cuke plants are only a foot long, but do have skinny cukes up to 4" long. Eggplants are not thriving at all. They haven't changed much since I planted them in late May.

There's still a LOT of summer left!

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njtea(NJ Z6)

My cucs were doing well until yesterday, when the dog decided to bury one of his treasurers in the container in which they are growing. (I'm going everything in containers right at the back door this year.) I've managed to save about half of the cucs.

Tomatoes, started from seed, are 75/25 - 3 plants doing really great, one kind of just chugging along.

The flower garden has really taken off - Campanula Cherry Bells (is that right?) looks just spectacular this, their 3rd year.

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Not to pile on Andy, but this is best year I have had in last 3 or 4. Tomatoes are almost 3 feet tall. Corn 3-4 feet tall. Like some others, I waited and planted a bit later. If you had tomatoes in the ground in early May they would possibly have a little bit of shock from some of the cold May nights we had and I think that takes 3 weeks or so to get over. I bet they really jump in the next 1-2 weeks and you'll be doing great!

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sillygoosie(z6 NJ)

My tomato plants have just started to flower. No tomatoes yet. And the strange thing is, I had given some of my tomato seedlings to my neighbor and her plants have green tomatoes already starting to grow. What am I doing wrong ?

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ladychroe(z6 NJ)

Full sun (at least 7/hours a day) and don't water too often. Watering too often encourages shallow root systems and cracked fruit.

My MIL has hers planted on the east side of her house. They get four hours of morning sun. She wonders why they are only 7 inches high.

Also, are you pinching to one central leader?

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Were they put in the ground same day? And yes, sun is a big deal. The more the better. Also- what variety? That makes a huge difference as well.

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wardw(z6 NJ)

Variety is everything with tomatoes. A planting of Early Girls should be covered with green tomatoes now, but all you end up with is ripe early girls, while many of the beafsteaks haven't set at all yet, but are worth the wait. Last week I said I had no tomatoes set. Wrong, over the weekend I noticed a few brandywines and ramapos with fruit.

Speaking of brandywines, has anyone noticed that the first fruits of the summer almost always have blossom-end rot. I checked and it's true this year too.

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sillygoosie(z6 NJ)

All tomato plants were in the ground same day. My neighbors are near a south facing wall while mine are near a east facing one. Will that make a difference. And the varieties are the same. Cherry, Beefsteak and Brandywine.

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diane_nj 6b/7a

Nope, all are growing well. Grape tomatoes and Ichiban eggplant have set fruit, the cayenne pepper may have too, I have to check. All are of a good size and need repotting (I grow vegs in pots to keep them away from the roses that are sprayed w/fungicides and insecticides).

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Sadly no ripe tomatoes yet ,but one Rutgers does have a blush to it finally. I have all new garden beds. So figure with first year of compost and garden will take a bit. One tomato plant, ( must be a cherry)is about 5 foot tall now. This is the year for flowers on my tomato plants, no matter what folks say about dont give to much MG etc. Some of the cherry/pear type have over 100 flowers on each plant. The heat messed up alot of the flowers in setting fruit. Should be canning and freezing alot of tomatoes this year.

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flowersandthings(MidAtlantic 6/7)

Like gangbusters sweetie :) maybe something's wrong. I've zucchini plants that look like they could swallow up a human being whole! :)

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Sounds like my problem last year. I had a horrible harvest; they plants barely grew, and when they did, they didn't produce much fruit at all. Well, my tomatoes anyway; my cucs had an extremely heavy production.

Is your veggie garden in the same spot every year (like me)? That could be the problem, from what I've heard. I tilled, threw down loads of commercial compost and fertilizers after I ripped out my veggies, hoping to rejuvenate the bed. This year I planted everything with earthworm castings and was watering the seedlings with sea kelp (I think; both were from Gardens Alive). Everything's much better this year than last, for sure...

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