Question about Mulching Flower Beds for Weed Control

mrs_skiJune 11, 2005

my DH and i mulched our veggie garden today for weed control. I want to mulch my flower beds but they are still filling in. If i mulch is this going to interfere with the flowers filling in the spaces? or will it be ok?

Last year we didnt mulch our gardens, so this is a new thing for us... defanately need some advice?!

Thank you


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The only thing mulch will interfere with is if you have flower seeds you are sprouting in the beds. If you have already sprouted plants, they flowers will just fill in like normal.


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Has anyone munched with evergreen branches?
I put some down, I like the way they look, but I'm wondering if as they dry, the needles produce an unwanted effect.
I have them around my herbs.


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