I'd like to introduce myself

jerseygirl9461(z6b Central NJ)June 3, 2006

My name is Allison and I am in Central NJ. I am gardening in a small space. I am an avid gardener, but not really up on the Latin names.

I grow lots of perennials, annuals, many types of bulbs and loads of conatiners everywhere. I also grow several types of tomatoes and have a large herb garden in containers as well.

I am big into houseplants. This year I am finally trying out a Brown Turkey fig tree, in a container too.

Seems that I can never get enough! Anyone, enough about me, I just wanted to say Hello! and then jump into the great discussions.


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I've always wanted to grow a fig tree because they're so good when they are in season. :)

I'm a vegetable guy, mostly Tomato's and zuccini but the past few years I've broadened my horizons by doing some perennials, annuals, and bulbs. I do a few containers myself because they are so easy and they look great as the season goes along.

I guess I'm a lot like you and I too can't really get enough.

by the way I'm from S.Jersey. Here are some pics from a couple weeks ago




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Welcome there are so many places to look here one could spend a lot of time here. LOL Please try Hortiplex to look up some of your plants. I believe you can use common names on that to look up plants. I grow banana trees orchids houseplants tropical plants and lots and lots of perennials. Also native plants. There are topics for all these and more available. Enjoy!

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