Plant IDs. Yes.. I have a number of them. Thanks!

ohitsallamaAugust 16, 2008

Hello everyone,

I have noticed the wealth of knowledge on this site... so I've decided to take advantage of it. Hope I'm not asking too much. Any help is appreciated. Some of these are seedlings that I planted..... (but don't look like what I thought they were) and others are "weeds" that I let grow.

A and A-1

These are the same shot but there are actually two plants I am unsure of. They both came up on their own. One is a vine that I at first thought was a wild morning glory.... though it never flowered just climbed all over the ground and has seed pod looking things all over it. (try and ignore the cosmo in the background)

The other plant is actually what the mystery vine is climbing on. It has a straight stem with branches sticking out at 60 degree angles from the main stalk. No noticeable flowers. I tried to show a close up in A-1 though it is hard because it is so scraggily. The whole plant is dainty with leaves growing from every part of it.

B - interesting seed pods. Never seen it before. Brief yellow flowers.

C- Thought it might flower but never did. Pretty foliage though. Low growing.

D & E- I originally though D and E were the same. But now that they are bigger they are noticeably different. D has tiny thorns.

F- Some sort of salvia? Very dark purple almost black.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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A - mayve a norning glory
A1 Not the same as A looks like a weed
B - a mallow
C dunno
D a tree
E scented leaves? Square stems? Opposite leaves? A mint!
possibly lemon balm ?
F dunno

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B. Perhaps Hibiscus lasiocarpos.
C. Virginia copper leaf ((also called three-seeded mercury)) Acalypha virginica
D. Perhaps a mulberry.
F. a purple cultivar of Salvia splendens

It helps to know where you are located, by the way.

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I did note my temp zone as you'll notice up top, I am in Atlanta, GA 7b. Though I have not had any of these plants over the winter... so who knows if they will come back. All of them seem to like a lot of sun... the salvia likes some shade.

Thanks for all the help so far!!!

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B. looks like Velvetleaf, Abutilon theophrasti
The Salvia looks like a dark purple form of Salvia splendens.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Follow Up.. again...

A & A1 I realize these shots are a bit tricky. Not a Hibiscus. This plant is only a foot tall or so and is about done growing for the year. I think it is an annual.

B. - Velvetleaf! yes! thanks.

C- is definitely Virginal copper leaf. Thanks!

D- Does look kind of like a mulberry... not sure though. Do they have thorns?

E- Does look minty.. no noticeable scent though.

F- Salvia splendens. Looks like this is correct. Any chance this is not a annual? It is a pretty interesting variation.

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Thanks for saying about where you are. Zone alone is not enough as zone 7 could be Long Island, NY or somewhere on the northwest side of the country.

Mulberry does not have thorns, so that would not be it. I'm sorry I missed reading that detail. I never said A was a Hibiscus, that was my guess for B. Does that pink flower looking thing belong to the plant that is unknown for A (not the vine)?

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No the pink flower is a cosmo in the BG. A is tricky... sorry there isn't a better photo. That area is awash with plants and it is such a thin plant.

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dbs_illinois_4(z4b Illinois)

D-looks to me like a vine, not familiar with any thorny vines that look like that though

E-Hairy Galinsoga??

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terrene(5b MA)

A - possibly Cynanchum laeve, aka honeyvine or climbing milkweed vine. Native to GA, leaves look like that and they make pods similar to milkweed pods. In fact, they are an alternate food source for Monarch butterflies, being in the same family as Asclepias species.

A1 - looks like an Aster to me, similar to the young Aster laterifolius in my garden.

Velvetleaf is non-native and weedy. I pull it when I see it!

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joepyeweed(5b IL)

Hey, you have alot of the same weeds that I have...

A1 - I agree, with terrene, looks like a weedy aster species to me white woodland aster... I couldn't really see a vine in A.

B is Velvet leaf

C - is a mercury, weedy in my yard

D - I have no idea, but it does look shrubby or tree like..

E - is garlic mustard (with a bit of powdery mildew?)

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Soeur(z6b TN)

Compare A with matalea species, maybe M. gonocarpos.

D looks like a very young bramble, maybe blackberry.

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