OK - so where did I put my Felco pruners?

njtea(NJ Z6)June 12, 2005

I used them this morning to trim the bachelor buttons. Then I went to pull more of the obnoxious sedum that is taking over my garden. THEN I decided it was time to transplant a peony that is in deep shade, although it did have a couple of very small blossoms on it. When I went to get my pruners to cut the blossoms I could no find them. I have torn the house apart, looked in the fridge and freezer, looked in the trash and garbage, looked under all the plants in the garden, gone through the trash bag that is holding the sedum while it decomposes. I've looked everywhere - no pruners.

Had I put them down outside there would have been only two places where I would have done so - on the stone wall surrounding the garden or on the back deck steps. (One thought I had was that the dog took them, but they aren't in any of the places he normally drops stuff.)

I've made 3 complete searches of the yard. One search took so long that the dog's separation anxiety set in while he was inside and he took everything off the kitchen counters and was just beginning to get into the Fosamax when I came back in the house.

So - has this ever happened to you and where did you finally find what you were looking for?

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I've had trowels and pruners turn up many months later.

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Loretta NJ Z6

Might they be buried with one of your transplants? I've found a few things that way.
Yes this has happened to me. Eventually I break down and buy another pair. One year, after mowing the lawn my husband approached me with about 4 pairs of pruners he found. I couldn't find them for the life of me. Still I think I am back down to two pairs now.
One way I find my things:
Go ahead and lose something else. When you are looking for that, you won't find it but you will find your pruners.

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Your Felco pruners are on page 12 of this year's Lee Valley
Garden Tools catalog - you might as well order another pair, if only to stop wasting valuable garden time searching for them. Within a week after the new pruners
arrive, the original "lost" pair will turn up - and then
you'll have a permanent spare for the NEXT time you lose
them. Trust me: I've been gardening for too many years and
these baffling "events" just seem to be part of the scheme
of things. Example: a couple of summers back, I came in for
a glass of cold water and laid my Felco pruners on the
kitchen counter while doing so. . .but they did NOT return
to the garden with me! Later still, when I came in for lunch, I first put away the dishes in the drainer and some
odds and ends on the counter - including my pruners. They
lay there in that utensil drawer until mid-winter, with
me using that drawer dozens of times a week - but I never
saw them 'cause I wasn't expecting them there. . .

Now your DOG sounds like the answer: if you could just tie a bone to the pruners, he could always find them for you.


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njtea(NJ Z6)

LOL, Carl! I figured that the quickest way to find them was to hurry out to buy a new pair!

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Datdog(z7 NJ)

When you find yours can you come and find the two pairs I've LOST this season?

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I spent two weeks looking for my missing pruning shears, no luck! So I went to HD and bought a new pair. After using the new ones for about thirty minutes, I set them down to take a break, finished the break---and picked up the old ones---right next to the new ones!


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Loretta NJ Z6

You know, buying a new one usually helps me find my stuff too but for some reason it didn't work this time.

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