good price at Mahoneys on helleborus

mrtulinMarch 23, 2011

"pink frost" They are 12.50 a pot, compared to Plant Delights $18 + sh

Still in good shape, though I haven't chked roots.

I have them in planters by front door and forgot to take them in last night; they look fine.

They hardly look pink in the store, but the pink is more pronounced now. It must be the colder temps outside. Coloring is subtle, nevertheless.

Let me know what you think if you go to look.


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Hi Marie -

Pink Frost looks like a winner - really pretty in the photos on line.

I bought a few dozen unnamed seedlings from somewhere (or somewheres, actually; I put in 2 orders in a fit of absentmindedness) for about $3.50 each, a couple of years ago. Some of them are stunning, some just so-so. There were a lot of deep reds in the mix, and those are my favorites. They also self-sow with abandon - I've just given away 3 trays of seedlings.

This is another option for those who don't mind a planting of mixed colors, of course; I sometimes look at the areas where I planted these seedlings and wish they were all the same. (More hodgepodge in a garden full of that!)

Also, I'm wondering if anyone has purchased any of the frilly-petaled varieties that were on the market a couple of years ago. Heronswood had them, for something like $39 per plant, at the last big NE Garden Show. What I'm curious about is how the flowers hold up; hellebores bloom in pretty tough conditions during late winter, and I suspect that these frilly ones look a lot better fresh from the greenhouse than in the garden.

Just curious if anyone has any experience with them.

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Salivating over trays of free hellebores.Will write off line later!
Cheers to your spring garden!

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