Over Wintering???

happycthulhu(7)October 3, 2005

How do I find out what I need to overwinter inside and what can be left outside?

Ferns (Kimberly and Boston)



Air Plane plant


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I'm not sure about the Kimberly fern, but Coreposis is the only thing that can take a freeze, the rest probably cannot.

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meldy_nva(z6b VA)

Begonias, and pelargoniums (which a lot of us call geraniums) have no tolerance for frost or freezing, although I've found that well-sheltered common pelargoniums mostly do okay down to about 35*. You can lift, pot, and bring inside to overwinter; or take cuttings; or [pelargoniums] trim severely, then dig up with a chunk of soil and put into a paper bag and keep in a very cool, dark site like a basement. Mist the soil about once a month and then bring into warmth and light about a month before the last frost - add moisture, and they will be close to blooming by the time you can plant them back out.

Geraniums/cranesbill are mostly hardy for overwinter (give them a loose pine-needle mulch), but you need to know just which species in order to be sure.

Many ferns are winter-hardy, except for those that have been imported from the sub-tropics for indoor use. Again, you need to know just which ones you have. As far as I know: Kimberly is native to zones 10 and 11; Boston ferns are zones 9 - 11.

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