Seeking Viburnum Nudum for purchase

nativesnut(8)August 5, 2009

Hi all.

I am desperately seeking somewhere to purchase Viburnum Nudum (Possumhaw Viburnum). Mail order is fine, or I could drive to pick them up in the Carolinas or Georgia.

* I am looking for the 'wild' version in order to have a couple of larger trees - not the small cultivars like Winterhur, Brandywine, etc. I may buy one of those for pollinating my 'big natural' ones, but I can find the small cultivars at a few local places.

Any advice appreciated, since I don't know where wild ones are to get seeds or cuttings.

I already have some Viburnum rufidulum, and V. prunifolium. I'm considering dentatum, but the sucker-spreading is an issue in the remaining 'free' spots in my yard.

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The place below is wholesale, but they can probably tell you where to get some IF they won't sell to you directly. They are wonderful people, do all of their own work, and grow much from seed, if not all.

Here is a link that might be useful: Cure Nursery

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