Help in identifying orange-fruited plant in Oregon

mclendAugust 22, 2007

I recently moved to Oregon after 30 years overseas. Backyard is heavily wooded area with large trees. In shaded area are many 2-foot high bushes that currently have small (1/2") bright orange fleshy fruit/berries containing 6 small hard seeds. Berries are at terminus of branches and in groups of 2-3 under the leaves. The leaves are growing directly from the branch without stems. Pointed smooth-edged leaves with veins parallel to the central stem. I have not seen this plant bloom so do not have any information about flower type.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

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Can you post a picture?
Are the leaves alternate or opposite along the stem?

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check this website for pictures of branch from top and bottom, hope this helps.

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Here's a drawing of the species it may be:
Prosartes trachycarpa

The photo below is a related species from the eastern US.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Thank You carol23, that's it. I've found out that around here it's called Hooker's Fairy Bells; here's a reference from a local Middle School.
When I told my daughter what she had growing in the back woods she laughed and said that she was going to tell all her friends that she had hookers in her woods and they had bells on :-)

Thanks again for your rapid and accurate response,

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