Forsythia Removal

milleruszk(z6 NJ)June 1, 2005

I have approximately 80 feet of Forsythia hedge that I would like to have removed from my property. I have contacted quite a few landscapers but most do not want to do this type of job. One landscaper actually started to do the job but then realized that he did not want to do the job for the agreed upon price. I live in Northern NJ. Do any of you know a landscaper that does this type of work? Most just want to cut your lawn. Thanks!


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Post on Freecycle for your area... but only if there isn't anything near the hedge that is valuable. You'll get rid of the forsythia for free but then you'll have to pay a landscaper to smoothe out the ditch. You'll probably have to arrange for several freecyclers to get rid of that many bushes.


Here is a link that might be useful: Freecycle

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Why bother with a landscaper? Just call a tree service..
they will probably have your hedge chainsaw'd+chipped and the roots pulvarized/ground up into mulch with their root grinder in about 1 hr and a half. Most landscapers would just subcontract this to a tree guy anyways, and charge you more.


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birdgardner(NJ/ 6b)

I don't much care for forsythia but it does make a good hedge to keep the deer out - my neighbors have a three foot chain link fence which the deer could hop but because of the forsythia they can't see into the yard, so they don't jump. they come into my yard instead...

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milleruszk(z6 NJ)

Thanks Birdba, Funny you should mention a tree service. This whole project started because of wanting to have a tree trimmed in my back yard. The tree service could not get their truck into my yard because the Forsythia hedge. They did not want to get involved with the hedge removal because there is chain link fence that runs down the middle of the hedge. They told me that they could not use their machinery because of the fence. I tried digging one out by hand. I would not recommend it unless you have plenty of time, are 25 years old and have a strong back! Maybe I could remove the chain link part of the fence and leave the posts? The tree service/landscaper could then use his machinery.


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ha, try a different tree service, one with more experience. I had some trees trimmed in my backyard and they never had trucks there. Everything was done by guys who scaled the trees, and did controlled limb drops (so as not to hit the house or deck)..using rope and special angled chain saw cuts.. and then dragged each limb to the front to be chipped. They could probably take all the limbs off a tree, and lop it bit by bit to the ground if you wanted.

give Wyckoff Tree service a call, and see what their opinion is.

Warning, it's prime tree trim season ..It won't be cheap! time to do this is winter, when they are hungry..

good luck,


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I have the same problem w/ the Forsythias...So what was the outcome???

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I wish I lived near you because I would do it for you. I'd like to plat some of it at my mothers, mother-in-law and brothers house. I have a hedge of it at my house and I love it. I've been starting plants for them but it's just taking to long. Plus, I have a friend who just started a lawn service in Mt Ephrem NJ.

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