Romanesco.When will it get heads?? If Ever???

SaxonManFinland(6 Finland)October 23, 2005

Since moving to Finland last year, I have taken over an established Veggie plot (not great but OK).

I planted the Vegetable Brassica "Romaneso" in Early June and they have grown tall and strong.....BUT headless!!!! Our summer temp has been temperate 18C to 24C, with long days of light. So they have had at least 120 growing days.

I have heard this is common for Romanesco to grow so well and tall, i.e over 3 feet, maybe even 4 feet, and most people say Patience is required, the heads suddenly appear.

Well its now 3rd week of October, frosts will start anyday now and I see no heads at all, although the central top leaves have started twisting over each other. I have NO Experience of this vegetable and wonder if I should just dig them up and try again next year? Maybe we can eat the top central leaves like cabbage???. Brussle Sprouts (Bedford) also show similir strong healthy growth effects but at least they have developed some Sprouts............ANY IDEAS????

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blueheron(z6 PA)

Have you tried the Vegetable Gardening Forum? Those folks are pretty knowledgable and willing to help.

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