Coral Honeysuckle advise needed!

hummersteveAugust 23, 2010

Ive had my vine about 4yrs. The first yr it was ok small and flowered some the next year it was a battle with aphids, that fall I cut all the foliage off so no more aphids but then comes the battle with spider mites this season. Ive been using organic spray and neem oil which ive had to do a couple of times a week. But now the vine is not blooming well at all maybe a half dozen clusters at best. I did find a thistle weed growing right up in the middle of it the other day and removed it but this plant should be blooming its head off right now and is doing poorly. I have watered it on a fairly consistant routine and fed it on occasion, the foliage is green enough but Its not acting right. Any thoughts.

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How much sun does it get?

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