How to Kill a Giant Bird of Paradise

Phyla(z5ne)October 20, 2006

My new home has a small back yard, but it has a bushy/tall (over 10 feet) Giant Bird of Paradise, which grows very fast. I've wanted to grow other plants in that spot, so I will have to kill that Giant BOP. Its body is so soft, so I believe I can chop off the part above ground, but I don't know how difficult to take care of its root. Please help.

Thank you for sharing! :)

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vetivert8(NI-NZ zone 9a)

I'm wondering how it would be if you reduced the stems to near the base and then went lower using a sharp mattock or even axe. I'm thinking of it as being in the same category as removing a full-size Phormium tenax - requiring serious effort. It does help to have a manual winch to keep tension on the plant while you chop the roots through - and to pull it clear. Sharp tools and great prudence.

If someone with a 'calf-dozer' could access your small yard, then taking it out with the front scoop could be an option. Or hauling it out for you. The mini-size machines used for working in ditches and tight corners.

You might find that there is a local company with the skills to work in constricted areas to remove plants past their acceptable size. (I hope they don't have to cart it through your house to take it away... I remember doing a job where I had to do that.) It would be worth a trawl through the Yellow Pages, perhaps.

For the roots: Personally, I'd leave it for a season to see if there was any regrowth, then put fresh soil/compost into the area and allow natural decay to work for me.

The other thing I'd be looking for would be the effect of the change in light density on the other plants in the yard, You may find some of them start into enthusiastic growth as soon as they get more light and water.

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