Rainforest Sunrise

mbug_gwJuly 19, 2014

Rainforest Sunrise is turning into a stunning plant ....becoming a favorite. Seems to get better every week.
Feel free to add yours

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A looker, for sure.

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Cheery looking.


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josephines123 z5 ON Canada

Picked mine up two weeks ago. Love it. Still in pot, getting lots of sunshine and it is getting that orange colour to it. Fabulous hosta! It is the brightest and definitely catches the eye!

Mug, yours is perfect in every way - symmetry, colour, corrugation...the presentation is A-1! Glad you featured this hosta. :-)

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Planted this time last year. Cute wee thing, not nearly as gold as yours Josephine, it's probably in shade 80% of the time.

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dublinbay z6 (KS)

Here is my new Rainforest Sunrise, late last summer. (Sorry, haven't gotten around to taking a photo this year yet.) It is really thriving in my garden, and is a shade more golden now than it appears here. It gets several hours of sun near noon and later in the day. Such a fine shape and color--sturdy youngster also.

One of the best I've ever selected.

For the curious, The little hosta in front of Rainforest Sunrise is one of the Mouses (forget which one) and to the right is some kind of Marginata, I believe, but I've had it such a long time that I no longer remember for sure.


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For us our worse HOTY ever. I've not given up. When I moved it last year I dropped it in a pot in the ground to more easily try another spot. From the sounds of it, I need to give it some real Sun?

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josephines123 z5 ON Canada

When I picked it up at the nursery, I noticed they had several RS at the front, exposed to lots of sunshine. The ones in the back were more in the shade and not as golden.

Hostanista, I figured with so much of a light centre and not so much green....and since I liked the colour from all that sun exposure, I decided to imitate the same exposure at home...and at the same time trying to promote more vigour. It IS one robust looking hosta and I hope it returns next year. Another one to plant...but where? Lol

A few of us lost our RS during the winter...toughening it up in sun won't hurt it, I figure. Still puzzles me why such a robust looking hosta with lots of substance would succumb at all.

HH, yes, give it some real sun and see what happens. :-)

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Sunnier today

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ThistleAndMaize(Zone 5a- Eastern IA)

Oh wow, those are pretty. I just planted a 2.5 quart size one this weekend. I bought it several weeks ago, and finally put it along with two others in the ground this weekend. (Sagae and Sun Power) I'm going to see how they all do in some afternoon sun. If it's too much, I'll move them to the front of the house for some morning, but I'm hoping they'll tolerate some afternoon because the edge along my patio looks boring to me. By 3:00pm the trees at the back of the property already send out long shadows, so hopefully that will prevent hot hot afternoon burning. Crossing my fingers.

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