New Lawn - Wrong grass seed put down

Todd(9-FL)October 9, 2006

I am purchasing a new home, so I contacted the builder and we came to an agreement that I would supply the grass seed in place of him using his "contractor mix". I put out the money and purchased the best seed possible. It is a tri mix of Kentucky Blues (70%) and (30%) Rye mix. It has 0.00% Fuscue and weedseed.

Well, the lawn was installed today and they put down the 'contractor mix' seed and left my bags of seed untouched. The area coverage is about 10,000 sq ft. The front of the lot has sod. I'm supposed to close on the house tomorrow and I have no idea what is possible for cleaning up the mess he made. I don't want to deal with tall fescue and junk grass. The seed was spread and then covered with straw. The seeded part of the lawn has not been watered.

Any suggestions on negotiating a fix to this problem would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Todd, I sure do sympathize with you. I suggest that you post this to the Lawn Care Forum, asap. I'm sure that you will obtain some good help over there.

Here is a link that might be useful: Click here and I'll take you to the Lawn Care Forum!

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Just a question, but do you know what's in the contractor's mix? There is nothing wrong with fescues - they are extremely common in most cool season turf grass blends and have much higher cold and shade tolerance than either blue or rye grass.

And any grass seed mixture that purports to be 100% weed-free is yanking your chain - it is virtually impossible to remove ALL potential weed seeds and even premium turf grass seed blends will admit to some weed seeds but typically less than 1% of the mix.

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Thanks for the replies, the builder agreed to pay for lawn service for a year with the company of my choice. He also reimburesed me my total cost of the seed and another $100. My lawn service company is suggesting to aerate and over seed with the better seed in the spring and to just let this go for now. The fescue isn't as bad as I had thouhgt, it is a creeping red fescue.

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