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kristin03(z5a WI)October 9, 2005


I am hoping someone can provide some advice. I began my first perennial garden this summer at our new home. This fall I went to a local nursery and fell in love with Heuchera "Peach Melba", but after planting it I noticed it is hardy only to zone 5 (we are in zone 4)!! It is doing quite well now, planted in southern exposure, about 8 feet from our home foundation. Aside from the shredded hardwood mulch we are using, should I use any extra winter protection so that it makes it through the winter? Thanks in advance,


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If it is 8' away from the southern portion of your home's foundation you have already done something additional. You have provided it with a microclimate. The foundation will radiate some heat into the nearby soil and being close to the foundation will minimize exposure from the nasty northerly winter winds.

I can't say if your plant will make it or not, but I think where you have it gives it a really good chance. The mulch is terrific (and I encourage it's use for winter protection), but if you think about it after the snow flies, shovel some snow on the area and try to keep some until it warms up in the early spring. Snow is a fantastic insulator.

Over the years you will notice more cold damage in years with little snow than in years with lots of snow. The moral is pile snow as insulation on plants that are bordeline hardy in your zone.

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