Japanese Maples

tinylady(07 NJ)July 22, 2009

Does anyone have some input as whee is a good area to plant these? I have Crimson Queen, Orgeola, and Ornida Nishiki. I dont think I spelled them right. I have read info on these and get conflicting answers. I have figured out the the orgeola needs more sun. I moved the pot and it is now putting put new leaves. But how much sun is too much?

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I have a large Bloodgood Japanese maple that was planted on the south side of my house. It get full sun from morning until around 1:00 pm and then the maple only get dappled sun or shade due to taller red maples. Has great coloration from Spring until some time well into November when the leaves turn crimson! Mine never really gets the hottest sun of the day (which seem to be mid to late afternoon). I have heard too that they appreciate some shading from the hottest sun. But if you wanted one in a full sun location, I bet it would be okay in New Jersey. Our summers tend to be so humid, wet, and cloudy that it would probably do fine in an unobstructed, southern position. (Different story in let's say, Dallas.) I have also read that the large leaved varieties can take more sun than the fine-leaved ones but don't know if this is true or not. Good luck with your trees and remember to mulch correctly. PS., Do a little research for the best time to plant them, you may be better off to wait until the Fall. With our weird weather, things may get hot and dry in August or even September.

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tinylady(07 NJ)

I am going to wait till fall to plant. I am just trying to figure out which side of the house to put them. It would have to be the north (front yard) west ( small side yard). My east is all shade and my south is getting full unless I can find a spot in the dryer part of the garden. An area that does not flood.

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I have Japanese maples in part shade and light shade. However, they're not drought tolerant.

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