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Loretta NJ Z6July 2, 2006

Did anyone else hit the openhouse yesterday? It is the one day a year where Darrel Apps opens his entire garden to the public though parts of it are open other days. I almost didn't go because it's so far for me but my relative wasn't put off, so we went. Glad I did because I understand Darrel Apps is going to retire after next year and though daylillies aren't a favorite, it was still spectacular. I will try to follow through with pics this weekend. There are few other weekends in July for purchasing on site. Check out their "close out" sale days where you buy out an unreleased type in bulk. I understand the plants go from fifty cents each to two dollars, depending but you have to buy the whole bed and be prepared to wait for them to dig them up. You have to divide, label, pack and be ready to handle unpotted plants.

We continued down the road to Blue Sterling. Unfortunately, it was so hot, my relative was really feeling it so we couldn't take it in. Much the working nursery, there is no real garden to see though a few specimens are planted around. Still nice plants to be had and nice people. This won't be open again til next year. I would have picked up a few things if we weren't so wiped out. Too bad because conifers is the category I really needed. Next time I will have to hit this one alone after studying the catalog.

We were too wiped to go to Fairweather where I have a credit awaiting me.

Here is a link that might be useful: Woodside Nursery

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beth_b_kodiak(zone 5a)

Hi Loretta, I was debating about going to the open house OR the "clearance sale" and decided to do the sale. Unfortunately, I can't go the 6th so that means it'll have to be the 20th. Hope they still have some good stuff but I will enjoy the trip anyway. I love daylilies and have gotten some very nice ones by mail from Apps nursery.
I'm looking foreward to seeing your pictures.
Beth B

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Loretta NJ Z6

Here are some pics of Woodside. I'll post a couple of Blue Sterling tomorrow.

Here is a link that might be useful: Woodside Nursery

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Loretta NJ Z6

I hope that link works like that. LMK, I did it a little different. I'm thinking it will send you to a sign up page instead.

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inthegarden(6b S. New Jersey)

Hi Loretta,

Last year I hit the Open House, Blue Sterling, Fairweather. I can sympathize, as I was exhausted by the end of my excursion. I was so hot and tired, I could have passed out walking around Blue Sterling. Sorry to hear that Darrel Apps will be retiring soon, I do enjoy going to Woodside Nursery, he is a nice man to talk to, and I enjoy the scenery at his nursery. I live approximately 3 miles from Woodside, although I have not been there yet this summer. The open house was a mob scene last year, so I avoided it this year. On regular weekdays, the nursery is easy to navigate....think I will head there next week


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