njtea(NJ Z6)July 30, 2006

I'm looking for tall ironweed. Anybody have any idea where to get it?

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If it's the really tall version (6'+), Vernonia novaboracensis (New York ironweed), I have seen it at
two NJ nurseries this past season, but since it's quite
late now, it would be most wise to call ahead to see if they still have it in stock:
Cicconi Farms (732-363-1420) and
Rare Find Nursery (732-833-0613), both in Jackson.

It is also available online at

Another NJ nursery, Pope's Gardens in Waterford
(856-767-3343) has a mid-Western version called
Vernonia fasciculata, which I believe is a little shorter,
but denser. This version is also available online at . .

My own speciman (NY ironweed) came from a Connecticut
nursery; a rather "informal" plant, it mixes well with
all my grasses, goldenrods and eupatoriums.


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gram_NH(z5 NH)

Seems like everytime I search a plant.. Carl has the answer!!

I saw ironweed in a garden last fall and the brilliant purple/blue waving 6 ft. in the air was stunning.

Everything I read says it needs moist to wet soil. Do you find this to be the case? The garden I saw it in was definetly not in a boggy area.

Thanks in advance for any help on this one.

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Hey, there, gramNH -

Since you bumped this up from last season, I've got some
new, REALLY BIG, news: someone else here on GW tipped me off to a HUGE ironweed, fully 12-foot tall(!), called
Vernonia altissima 'Jonesboro Giant', available at Plant
Delights Nursery, a top-drawer outfit in North Carolina.
Of course, I MUST have one - so check next year and I'll
report what happened. . . By the way, my regular
V. novaboracensis has done just fine with a very heavy
mulch, and the several grasses in front of it keep the
roots shaded - no special watering. . .

Cheers, Carl

P.S. There's no way I have all the answers - we must both
just like the same plants! :-)

Here is a link that might be useful: Plant Delights Nursery

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