Transplanting a bald cypress

john(CA)November 3, 2005

How difficult would it be to transplant a bald cypress that is about 7 feet tall? The trunk is about the caliper of my not-particularly-massive forearm.

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

Prepare for a spring transplanting by root-pruning now. Make intermittent cuts around the circumference of the tree in a circle about the size that will yield the largest root-ball you're comfortable moving. The object is to sever about half the existing roots so that fine, feeder roots will form on the severed roots close to the trunk so you can include them when you move the tree. This will lessen the shock of transplanting and speed re-establishment in its new site. Lift and transplant the tree in spring as soon as frost goes out of the ground or about 2 weeks before you expect buds to move. Dig a hole larger in diameter than necessary. Plant tree with the basal flare exposed and backfill with native soil only. Staking the tree low on the trunk will help speed establishment but remove stakes & guy lines next spring.

If you know your soil, supply an appropriate fertilizer blend that's low in N. Tomato fertilizer is a good choice for fall feeding of trees to be lifted soon.


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