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akron64August 14, 2013

Hi - My 1st post! Prior to reading earlier posts - I deadheaded half of my coneflowers to save for a winter feeder for my finches. My garden still has plenty of coneflowers and sunflowers still blooming to satisfy the 4-5 finches frequenting my inner city garden.

Question: Has anyone built a feeder for intact coneflower seed heads? Currently I have drying on newspaper in the (occasional) sun, multitudes of seed heads. My plan is to save them, in a dry spot, until winter and then feed them to the birds.

Any suggestions? Thanks!

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Leaving them on the plant works pretty well. :-) I have already spotted goldfinches twice on my Rudbeckia. It is very comical to watch them picking out the seeds, perched on those flimsy twigs!

For the ones you have already picked, you could try gathering them in a bunch and securing with a rubber band. You could then hang that from a branch. Don't know if that would work, just a suggestion.

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