Buying fieldstone for stone wall

kelly002(6A)March 27, 2008

I am considering building a fieldstone wall on our property. PA fieldstone seem to be the look we are looking for. Does anyone know where they can be purchased (with delivery) locally in Boston's western suburbs?

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sedum37(Z5 MA)

Try the Stoneyard in Littleton Mass (link below). It won't be cheap however (just be prepared how much stone costs!).

Here is a link that might be useful: Stoneyard Littleton, MA

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Thanks. I've been looking at good quality picket fences and those are so outrageously priced and have a very limited lifespan (10-15 years.)

I thought fieldstone was around $150 a pallet or so? Am I totally off on that number?

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I just had a 180' wall redone and I found that wall stone is usually sold by the ton. $150. per ton is a good average but you'll be surprised by how little a ton looks when it's delivered.

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You will be happy with the PA fieldstone - it is beautiful. Some of the individual stones won't work as well as others, since they'll be completely irregular and thus hard to stack, so it pays to buy enough to allow for that.

Building that kind of wall is very satisfying work, and, since the stones are not horribly heavy, anyone can do it. My sisteer and I built a low, semi-circular retaining wall around one end of a brick seating area (I wouldn't let DH help since he claimed we would be unable to do it without him!) and it was not too difficult once we got the hang of it. The sunset books give a really good overview of the steps.

It's not especially fast work, compared to something like laying a bluestone patio or a brick path, but it's really fun in a "relaxing-yet-exhausting" way... if you know what I mean.

When I see the block walls that go up all over the place, it just boggles my mind. Real stone is just worlds better looking, and not that much more difficult to work with.

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Thanks guys. What is the stone mostly used in the wall stones in areas like Lincoln, Concord, Carlisle, etc.?

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If you can find a construction site advertising "free fill", the fill can be a great source of free rocks for your garden. You just have to be willing to get it home yourself.

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sedum37(Z5 MA)

DTD I think the reason the blocks have become so popular is that people can actually hire people to install them where to hire to build a fieldstone wall is more expensive and hard to find qualified people. Or may be they feel that they can do the blocks easier themselves than the fieldstone. I've also built a few stone walls (retaining) and if they are above 2 ft need to be properly done (sloped, ground prepared). I used the natural stone that was around my lot and some I got for free from friends and asking if it was ok to take from disturbed lots. I got good at taking only those stones I thought I could use (there is a big variation with what looks good!). I also used some books from the library. At my libray a guy came and gave two talks on building stone walls and these talks had quite a good turnout so there is lots of interest in this.

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The PA wallstone is very nice look, but I don't think its what is commonly seen around these parts in the rural suburban towns. At least its not what I see in my travels...

I think a more rounded fieldstone is more common in these parts. Its what the farmers dug out of the fields and made walls with. Its a lot harder to stack well (dry or wet).

I personally think the flatter wallstone (PA) is a more formal look and rounder (NE) stone is more casual, but that could just be my perception.

I was just browsing around The Stoneyard website to see if they have prices, but I couldn't find any (some great pictures though!) Everytime I have gone there in person to look for something, I walk away shaking my head on the price. They are very expensive.

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mad_gallica(zone 5 - eastern New York)

Stone is heavy, and with the notable exception of ship's ballast, has always been expensive to move. So any traditional wallstone is going to be local.

Interestingly enough, living here where the local stone is a sedimentary rock that splits very flat, I think of the common drystone walls to be informal, and anything requiring mortar, as formal.

I've also built very short retaining walls with stone from my property. The highest is maybe a foot tall, and if it completely collapses, there isn't much harm done.

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Last week a one ton pallet of PA fieldstone was $200 (plus delivery charge).

Still weighing my options but I appreciate everyone's input.

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As someone said above, a ton doesn't go very far.

I had a 100' stone wall constructed some years ago (actually a 60 and a 40) and I just looked up my notes. It says 13 tons were use for 18" high. The width is predefined for stability. I forget how wide. I think 2' at the base. They quote in terms of "face feet". fwiw, I paid $65/ton for that in 1995 and it was N.E. round fieldstone. The 1996 price for Penn flat stone says $165/pallet (from the Stoneyard). Not bad inflation rate!

And I think a pallet is less than a ton. You would have to check.

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Soneyard says that one-ton covers 15 cubic feet. The pricing for the New England Fieldstone Flat Regular Wallstone is now $128.00 per ton. I don't know what the New England round fieldstone is. I hear that working with flat in a dry wall setting is a lot easier than round fieldstone.

We are looking to build two fairly short walls. One would be 25 feet but with a break to allow a few steps up a slight hump and the other would be 15 feet but with a wooden gate in the middle. We're probably talking 35 feet of stone wall either 24" or 30" height.

Does anyone know what stones have a natural look used as steps? We don't want something too geometric.

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I'm actually looking into fieldstone for a path rather than a wall, so "face feet" is how I'm looking at it... How would a ton or a pallet translate to square footage? I've had wildly divergent estimates here. One place quoted me $1,250 for 130 sq. ft. and another place said $400.

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djpwmasonnh(zone 5)

one thing to also remember is that you need to get the gravel for behind the wall also. good for drainage.

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have alot for fieldstone and bluestone products for sale. email me or call and i will see if we can help you. we are located in windsor New York. should be able to help with shipping. contact Andrew Bosket 607-287-2981 or Josh Bosket At 607-206-9183

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The OP asked about stoneyards in the western suburbs of Boston. We've used Martignetti in Woburn. I see the Pennsylvania fieldstone on their site, but no price mentioned. They do show prices on other fieldstones under their "special" page.

Here is a link that might be useful: Martignetti stoneyard

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Since this was posted 2 yrs ago I assume the OP found it and has completed the project.

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I sell palletized field stone....I am from upstate New York and have a trucks that can deliver to you...Please let me know if you are interested in pricing....


Brent (

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