Large Shrub ID pics included!!!

karate626(7A Maryland)November 1, 2009

There is a plant at my work that everyone calls a trumpet lily. I don't think that it is the right name as when I search trumpet lily on google all I come up with are plants that don't match my plants. I'm hoping someone will be able to help ID this cool plant. Every winter the plants are dug up, pruned and put in a root cellar until spring. They get no water or sunlight and they come back every spring after it is planted. It has flowers that are shaped similar to a bell.

I will try to post some pics.

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Please re-post;
photos don't appear.

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Your plant is probably Burgmansia or sometimes called Angels trumpet or Gabriels trumpet. It can be started from cuttings or seed. Check out the Burgmansia forum for more info

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